How to Maintain Fleet Vehicles During the Summer

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You likely know the dangers that cold temperatures create for vehicles, but do you know how to care for your fleet during the summer? High levels of heat can easily cause problems that threaten driver safety.

As we move through the summer months, you need to be proactive about these needs. From changes in driver behavior to maintenance needs, you can use these tips to tackle the summer challenges your fleet faces.

How to optimize fleet safety and maintenance during the summer

1. Talk about idling

In many states, vehicles turn into ovens during the middle of the year. When dealing with high temperatures, many drivers prefer to leave the car running during stops. Idling wastes fuel and hurts the environment, so you should remind drivers to limit the amount of time they let vehicles run. Offer alternatives to idling, such as going inside the building to wait in the air conditioning. Drivers shouldn’t sit in hot vehicles for extended periods, but needless idling is also discouraged.

2. Increase maintenance inspections

Regular maintenance is always important, but you really don’t want your vehicle to break down when the weather is hot. As temperatures climb, have all of your vehicles checked for mechanical issues. You should pay special attention to air conditioning systems, cooling systems, tires, oil, and wipers. All of these parts are more sensitive to heat or critical during this season. More frequent maintenance inspections will catch problems before they lead to side-of-the-road breakdowns.

3. Keep an eye on your tires

High temperatures can break several parts of your car. Wipers, for instance, can crack when it’s hot out. More importantly, your tires are very sensitive to heat. As the temperature outside rises, the air pressure inside your tires also rises. In fact, for every 10 degree increase, your tire pressure increases by one PSI. This means that you are more likely to experience a tire blowout during the summer. Have drivers check their tires consistently to avoid this scenario. You should also double-check the spares in every vehicle for maximum safety.

Do you take any special precautions during the summer months? Tell us what you do below!

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