3 Things to Include in Your Vehicle Maintenance Policy

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Your vehicles’ health is a critical element to efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Without reliable access to your vehicles, your entire business would grind to a halt.

Creating a vehicle maintenance program ensures that your fleet runs as it should. You can minimize the chances of major mechanical problems and extend the life of your vehicles. A vehicle maintenance policy is essential to fleet management, so it’s important to do it right.

What should I consider for my fleet vehicle maintenance policy?

1. Schedule

Successful maintenance policies don’t treat every vehicle the same. First, consider the specific needs of each vehicle. Different types of vehicles need maintenance work on different schedules, so base your policy on these needs. You should also prioritize the assets you use most often. If you want these vehicles to be ready when you need them, you should put their schedules first. As long as you don’t neglect the rest of your fleet’s maintenance needs, this will keep your fleet in top shape.

2. Use

Along with schedule, you should plan your vehicles’ maintenance rotations based on their use. How many miles does the vehicle travel regularly? What type of use is the vehicle employed for? How long has the vehicle been used for, particularly for hard, near-constant use? If you want to maintain your fleet reliably, you should give your vehicles the particular work that will keep them at their best.

3. Emergencies

When dealing with vehicles, it’s always important to expect the unexpected. Regular maintenance not only prevents mechanical problems, it can keep your drivers safer. Some ways this can help include:

  • Keeping your vehicle’s safety equipment in working condition, ensuring protection during an accident
  • Preventing breakdowns in dangerous situations, such as remote locations, the side of a highway, or bad areas of cities
  • Limiting the amount of downtime you have to account for

Along with improving safety, your maintenance policy can minimize the amount you have to pay for repairs. It also helps you avoid unexpected downtime. Your fleet vehicles will remain available whenever you need them, allowing your business to grow and succeed.

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