How to Find the Best GPS Installers

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Choosing the right GPS installation company involves more than just price. You have to consider the company’s experience, the quality of their installs, and how they will handle the project in its entirety.

Use the tips below to evaluate each fleet vehicle installation company on your list. These qualities will ensure that the job is completed the right way and with minimal issues.

Choosing the best GPS installation company

1. Explore the company’s history

Newer companies lack the experience that more established competitors can offer. Even if they offer a great install, they may struggle to:

  • Meet scheduling changes and demands
  • Resolve unexpected issues with the vehicles and/or electronics
  • Work quickly and efficiently
  • Handle projects needs, from communication to services to invoicing

Fleet GPS installations are a major investment. Choose a company that can offer a smooth, turnkey experience that is worth the cost.

2. Ask about the company’s reputation

Before deciding on a professional GPS installer, make sure you know what you’re getting. Ask around to learn about the company’s industry reputation. You can ask about past projects and how happy customers were with their installs. If there were any issues, see how the company responded. 

Additionally, evaluate the experience they offer. How well do they communicate throughout the project? How much of the process do they handle? Were they an asset or liability to the project? Would the customer work with them again? Why?

Once you know more about each company, you can choose the installer that will offer the best results.

3. Don’t make price the deciding factor

When you’re on a tight budget, it’s easy to prioritize price over other factors. Unfortunately, choosing the cheapest company often leads to shoddy installs that you have to pay to fix. We are often called to remove badly installed equipment and complete the installation again. Customers end up paying for three different services when they could have just paid a little more to hire a quality provider for the original install.

Keep the price as one factor of many to stay within your budget and on your timeline.

Looking for world-class GPS installers? Explore our fleet vehicle install services to see how we can help.

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