Getting the Most from Your Telematics

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Today, telematics has evolved far past the simple GPS tracking capabilities of its early years. With a small device that plugs into your vehicle, you can gain access to extensive, actionable data. This growth has made fleet tracking more manageable and more powerful than ever before.

Though telematics offers more capabilities than we could have imagined at the beginning, many users are unaware of the incredible benefits it offers. We’re dedicated to helping fleets take advantage of their solutions, so we wanted to give some tips on using your vehicle technology. For a closer look at the best ways to get the most from your telematics, keep reading below.

1. Use your data

Telematics devices collect incredible amounts of data. You can track locations, monitor engine diagnostics, analyze fuel use, and so much more. Despite this access, you may not be using the data you have to improve your operations. Rather than limiting your use to the information you think you need, we recommend exploring your available telematics data. 

Why take the time to do this?

Telematics can help you maintain the status quo for your fleet, but it can also help you revolutionize your costs and workflow. With your data, you can determine your busiest times of year, which customers eat up your drivers’ time, and how you can cut expenses throughout your fleet. You’ve already made a significant investment in your telematics solution, so make sure you’re getting everything you pay for.

2. Utilize additional features

Connectivity has completely revolutionized the telematics industry. A single device can now provide numerous features or connect with additional devices to expand its capabilities. With the Geotab GO, for example, you can optimize routing, address driver behavior, and monitor individual vehicle use – all with a simple plug-and-play device. This connectivity gives you increased control over your fleet, operations, and costs, so it’s important to use every available feature.

3. Prepare your drivers and staff

Inefficient use can be just as limiting as a lack of use. To get the most from your telematics, train your employees in proper telematics use. Make data insights and your device capabilities part of your daily processes. Emphasize your telematics solution’s importance to encourage the best results.

How do you get the most from your telematics?

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