Why Your Buses Need Telematics

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The best way to keep customers happy is to offer dependable service. For your bus transportation service, this means keeping your buses on time and running exactly as scheduled.

To meet this goal, you’re responsible for the maintenance, routing, and safety of all of your buses. And, no matter how good you are at your job, tracking all of your vehicles can be impossible without the help of the right tools.

Telematics offers an efficient way to ensure both smooth operations and total customer satisfaction across every route. For a look at how telematics can benefit your bus fleet, keep reading below.

1. Offer accurate routing times

If disaster strikes and your buses are delayed or forced to take a detour, your GPS tracking devices can help you provide accurate timing estimates. The tracking features on your devices allow you to locate each bus at all times. If any route is delayed, you’ll know immediately and be able to keep your customers informed. Your telematics devices can also offer routing help, giving your drivers real-time updates on the best routes to take. You’ll be able to give your passengers the best possible outcomes, even in the worst situations.

2. Improve transportation safety

When customers board your buses, they put their safety in your hands. With telematics, you can make sure your drivers are following the safest driving practices every time they’re behind the wheel. You can track behaviors such as harsh braking, speeding, and hard turning. Many devices also offer in-vehicle feedback, letting drivers know when they need to be more careful. This allows you to offer safer, more pleasant experiences for your passengers, encouraging them to use your company again.

3. Reduce operating costs

Fuel is always going to your biggest expense, so anything you can do to save on fuel costs is a significant benefit. Along with optimized routing, your telematics devices can help you reduce idling, hard acceleration, and other actions that waste fuel. As you train your drivers to recognize and avoid these expensive actions, you can cut back on your fuel spending. Telematics can also help you track your vehicle upkeep, alerting you to any problems and simplifying regular maintenance. As you streamline your operations, you can enjoy lower costs and higher ROI.

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