What Is the Best GPS Tracking Telematics Device?

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What Is the Best GPS Tracking Telematics Device?

Today, fleet telematics is a $3.9 billion industry. Technology is a must for successful fleet management, so companies are finding the solutions that help them thrive.

When it comes to telematics devices, we have found the best option in Geotab’s GO9. From GPS tracking to advanced accident detection, this plug & play device revolutionizes vehicle management.

If you’re in the market for a telematics solution, the GO9 is our top choice. For simplified fleet management and significant cost savings, this telematics device is the best option.

Geotab GO9 Benefits: GPS Tracking, Fleet Safety & More

1. Intelligent vehicle GPS tracking

The GO9 allows you to take vehicle tracking to the next level. Along with tracking your fleet vehicles’ locations, you can monitor their speed, trip distance, and more. And it’s all transmitted in near real time! Geotab has also added a GNSS module to improve accuracy and data. Using a global satellite system ensures better connections, even with a disrupted signal. If the signal is lost completely, your GO device starts recording data as soon as the vehicle moves. You can optimize routing for drivers and arrival estimates for customers. In every situation, you’ll have data you can depend on.

2. Active driver coaching

Correct driver behavior in the moment rather than waiting for driving reports. With a simple expander, you can give audible feedback inside the cab. When a driver breaks a preset custom rule, your GO9 device will remind them immediately. You can improve seat belt use, speeding, idling, harsh braking, and more with both positive and negative messages. Empower drivers to build good habits that will lead to a safer fleet.

3. Comprehensive accident detection

The GO9 is the first Geotab GO device to have a built-in gyroscope. This feature works with an accelerometer to offer data on harsh events, such as braking, cornering, and acceleration. During an accident, the device records real-time data that can help you reconstruct the event. This helps you build a full understanding of the events before and during the accident. You can then improve your investigation and future driver training with solid data.

Why Should I Use the Geotab GO9?

Geotab products are our number one pick – and for a good reason. These vehicle electronics and telematics solutions are built with quality and powered by innovative software, making them the best on the market. Equipped with the latest capabilities and integrations with other top tools, we’ve never been disappointed with Geotab.

If you’d like to take control of your fleet, discover our industry-leading products or call us at (866) 294-7348 X 201 for more information.

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