What is Advanced Fleet Tracking?

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Telematics have progressed far beyond simple GPS tracking. Today, your telematics solution is at the core of your fleet management strategies. From budgets to driver safety, the right solution can provide the insights you need to make the best decisions for your fleet.

What is advanced fleet tracking?

Advanced fleet tracking takes telematics beyond knowing where your vehicle is. You can enjoy capabilities such as monitoring driver behavior, checking engine diagnostics, and tracking idle time. This information paints a broad picture of your fleet and how well it is meeting your goals.

What are the benefits of advanced fleet tracking?

Save money

Your telematics solution can help you monitor and limit idling, which can help you save fuel. You can also use your devices to optimize routing and monitor off-hour use, keeping more money in your budget. If your telematics offers accident reconstruction or dashcam video, you can protect your company from accident scams. You can also keep your insurance premiums at a minimum. Creating and following a regular maintenance schedule can also prevent large repair bills and costly downtime.

Improve safety

Driver safety starts with better driving behaviors. You can use your devices to monitor aggressive driving, such as harsh braking, harsh cornering, and sharp accelerating. Even basic telematics devices gather data on speeding, so you can see how well your drivers follow speed limits. 

Advanced options such as in-vehicle driver coaching give you even more control over your fleet’s safety. If drivers break any preprogrammed rules, your devices will alert them to the issue. Along with behaviors such as speeding and harsh braking, you can also target seat belt use, idling, and driving over HoS limits.

Increase vehicle longevity

High vehicle prices and low inventory make replacing vehicles difficult. Your telematics help you monitor each vehicle’s health, tracking engine health and use. Setting maintenance schedules, as mentioned earlier, can also extend your vehicle’s lifetime. You can catch problems early, fixing them before they become huge issues.

With this in-depth insight, you can also anticipate the need for new vehicles. Rather than scrambling to replace an asset that breaks down unexpectedly, you can make a plan that benefits your schedule and your budget.

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