What Is Vehicle Telematics Used For?

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Vehicle telematics is used to monitor the location and status of the vehicle in real-time. Built-in GPS tracking, engine diagnostics, and accident detection tech allow you to understand where the vehicle is and if it’s performing as it’s supposed to.

Along with these standard features, fleet telematics also integrates with other tools for additional capabilities. Using this expanded technology, you can improve your fleet management without increasing your workload.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of the ways you can extend your telematics capabilities for better results.

What is Fleet Management Telematics?

Fleet management telematics is the technology that managers use to locate and track their vehicles. This includes vehicles on the road, at the office, and in the shop. These solutions offer the data needed to optimize fleet operations, budgets, and safety. Telematics can also be used to monitor driver behavior and vehicle use. With the right solution, fleets can use their telematics to improve safety, compliance, security, and more.

Benefits of Vehicle Telematics

Improved Safety

Vehicle fleets create numerous risks for any company, including driving-related safety problems for employees. Telematics gives you the tools and knowledge to prevent or react quickly to any problems that occur. We’ve included some of the specific ways you can use and expand your solution below.

Driver training

Back your training with data gathered by your telematics devices. Track harsh braking, speeding, sharp turning, seat belt use, and other behaviors that increase driver risks. The best solutions also let you alert drivers of dangerous behaviors in real-time with spoken feedback. You can help your drivers build good habits to keep them safer on the road.

GPS tracking and emergency response

In an emergency, locating your drivers quickly is critical. Built-in GPS monitoring provides near-exact locations for all of your vehicles at all times. After an accident or during a natural disaster, for example, you easily find your vehicles and drivers to efficiently direct emergency services. You can also react quickly to drivers in remote locations when they need assistance.

Confident compliance

Maintain stellar ELD and HoS compliance with a reliable solution. Create and manage solid records throughout your fleet. Some devices, such as Geotab’s GO9, will also alert drivers when they’re in danger of violations. You can also use your devices to meet DVIR and IFTA guidelines. Utilizing telematics will help you stay on top of compliance and free from violations.

Strengthened security

Along with driver protection, you need to keep your vehicles safe and accounted for. Features such as NFC reader integrations ensure your drivers are the only ones using your vehicles. It can also help you determine responsibility for unauthorized use. If you need to monitor additional assets, use Bluetooth tracking capabilities to stay aware of their locations through your telematics devices. Accident reconstruction options allow you to minimize liability and protect your company from false claims. When it comes to keeping your fleet safe, telematics is your best option.

As a fleet manager, you need to use all the tools available to keep your fleet thriving. Explore our fleet telematics devices or give us a call at 866-2WIRE-IT to learn more about our solutions.


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