What are the Benefits of Dash Cams?

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When your business involves extensive travel, you need to keep an eye on your drivers at all times. Though you can’t join every employee on their journeys, you have access to technology that can.

Dash cams are a valuable resource for any fleet. Equipped with video and audio recording, as well as other helpful features, these cameras are essential for profitability and safety. By installing dash cams, you gain a powerful tool for effective fleet management.

The Benefits of Dash Cams

1. Accident recording

Thousands of people die on the road every year, presenting real danger for your drivers. As a fleet manager, you are responsible for both driver safety and company liability. During an accident, a dash cam provides unquestionable evidence of fault and the sequence of events. You can use this footage to protect your driver and company from blame. You can also use dash cam recordings to address bad driving behaviors, minimizing future incidents.

2. Fraud

Some drivers intentionally cause accidents to get access to insurance money. Your cameras capture the truth of these interactions, showing who is at fault. This undeniable proof can protect both your drivers and your company from these fraudulent claims.

3. Surveillance

Do you park your company vehicles in a yard at night or over the weekend? Dash cams are an easy and flexible way to visually monitor the premises during off hours. Arrange your vehicle parking to visually cover the area, hitting any places that aren’t covered by your security system. You can also leave your cameras running when parked at hotels or truck stops to catch or prevent vandalism.

4. Driver Monitoring

When using single-view cameras, you can monitor problems such as harsh braking or a failure to stop at stop signs. With a dual-view dash cam, however, you also gain visibility into the cab. This additional view allows you to track cell phone use, drowsy driving, and other distractions that can cause accidents while driving. Drivers are also less likely to engage in problem behaviors when they’re monitored, further improving safety.

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