Vehicle Telematics for Small Fleets

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Vehicle telematics isn’t just for large fleets. Whether you have two vehicles or two hundred, monitoring vehicle data can revolutionize your management and results. 

In this blog, we’ve discussed some of the ways telematics can improve operations and create savings for small fleets. If you manage less than 50 vehicles and you’re considering telematics, these are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy.

How Small Fleets Can Benefit from Telematics

1. Improve customer service

GPS tracking offers a chance to wow your customers that other small businesses don’t have. If you make deliveries or house calls for services, you can use vehicle tracking to provide accurate ETAs. Rather than giving tentative service windows, you can send a text when your employee is headed their way. You can use smart routing options to further improve your service times by avoiding traffic or missed turns. This added perk will keep customers happier and help you meet expectations more consistently.

2. Protect your vehicles

Stolen vehicles, accident fraud, and insurance scams are all costly. Vehicle telematics helps you avoid or minimize the costs of these issues by recording undeniable data. You can use GPS tracking to locate missing vehicles. Video cameras and accident detection systems can protect you and your drivers from fraudulent claims. And if, conversely, an employee is responsible for damages or costs, your solution can help you find the truth.

3. Eliminate data loss

How many times has a driver forgotten to log mileage or submit inspection reports? Telematics allows you to simplify record-keeping for your vehicles. You can track maintenance, mileage, fuel use, and more in a single platform. Compliance is also easier. This detailed, reliable data ensures you’re meeting industry rules and regulations. More importantly, you will always have the digital records you need to prove your compliance.

4. Maintain your reputation

“How’s My Driving?” stickers can help you address bad driving, but usually only in extreme cases. Telematics helps you keep track of all of your employees’ driving performance at all times. You won’t have to wait for a complaint or accident to alert you to dangerous driving. Instead, you can quickly identify and resolve problematic driving behaviors. Drivers who know they’re being monitored perform better, so you can ensure your company’s reputation remains positive throughout the community.

Looking for a telematics solution for your small fleet? Explore our options to find the one that works best for you.

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