Using Telematics to Winter-Proof Your Fleet

by Dec 9, 2019Fleet Safety0 comments

From Alaska to Florida, the U.S. has already experienced colder temperatures than usual. Winter is still a few weeks away, but storms have dumped several inches of snow and ice in multiple states. For fleet owners and managers, this means increased dangers for drivers as they travel through the cold. With icy roads and holiday traffic increasing the potential risks drivers face, it’s important to use all of your tools to ensure your drivers get home safe.

Keeping your drivers safe involves the condition of your vehicles, monitoring locations, and more. As your drivers regularly travel through areas with poor road quality or are threatened by unpredictable weather, use your tracking solutions to give them the protection they need. To see how you can help keep your team safe this winter, read through these tips on using telematics to winter-proof your fleet.

1. Keep your vehicles in excellent condition

You never want to leave your employees stranded with a malfunctioning vehicle in extreme temperatures or conditions. While you can’t prevent every problem, regular vehicle maintenance can eliminate many common issues. Your telematics solution allows you to set a preventative maintenance schedule for your vehicles, keeping them in the best condition. With this regular work, you can find any small issues before they become bigger problems. Regular oil changes and tire maintenance can also prevent roadside breakdowns, keeping drivers safe and moving towards less dangerous areas.

2. Track every driver’s location in real-time

When a driver hits a patch of ice or has a mechanical failure, location tracking can play a significant part in maintaining their safety. With just a few clicks, you can locate your drivers and, if needed, quickly dispatch emergency services. You can also use GPS tracking to monitor drivers moving through storms. No matter what conditions they face, you can offer the support your team needs to arrive safely at their destinations.

3. Encourage better driving

Harsh or delayed braking can cause trouble on the sunniest of days, but it’s more deadly when driving on wet or icy roads. Using your telematics solution to coach your drivers can help minimize and eliminate similar dangerous behaviors. Monitoring your drivers’ actions can help you address the most prevalent problems, leading to better driving in every situation. You’ll be able to help protect both your drivers and everyone around them as they travel across the nation.

Do you use telematics to increase driving safety during the winter months?

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