Using Telematics to Maintain Operation Costs

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Keeping operation costs of a fleet of vehicles under control requires the expertise of fleet managers and implementation of products including backup camera systems, GPS tracking devices and systems and other asset tracking devices and systems. Here are a few more ways you can reduce fleet costs.

Cut Miles Traveled

One area that fleet managers have limited control over is in the number of vehicle miles traveled. Fleet managers are not always privy to the day-to-day business purpose data nor do they necessarily have the tools to measure justification in vehicle use. The practical solution here is to better monitor outcome in relationship to both mileage and time. For example, a sales call that nets a minimal amount of money does not necessarily justify the number of miles traveled to complete the sale.

It is in these types of situations you want to take advantage of technology. There are in a number of options, including teleconferencing and videophone calling that can take the place of an unnecessary road trip. Fleet managers should do all they can to implement practical solutions in order to reduce miles traveled in terms of the return on investment.

Lower Maintenance Costs

All too often, fleet managers hold outmoded beliefs concerning preventative maintenance practices. For example, a fleet might have a specific maintenance performed every 3,000 miles when it is not necessary. That is, the recommendation for the maintenance may state every 3,000 miles in severe duty conditions, but it is perfectly alright to have said maintenance performed every 5,000 miles under normal conditions. And depending on the size and scope of the fleet, this could save significant amounts of money.

These are just a few cost-saving tips, check back and we will offer more.

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