Using Telematics During a Pandemic

by Apr 13, 2020Fleet Management0 comments

Every day brings new changes to our lives and business. For some, work has come to a halt. If you’ve been labeled non-essential or lost business due to the pandemic, you may be scrambling to find ways to maintain revenue. Those involved in industries such as transport, however, are experiencing a significant increase in jobs and orders.

As you adjust and handle the changes in your daily schedule and demands, it’s important to use the tools you have. Your drivers are counting on you to guide them through this pandemic. To do so, you should know how you can best equip them to succeed. 

In this blog, we’ve given some ways you can use your telematics solution to keep your fleet safe and efficient. Keep reading to see how your telematics can benefit your fleet during a pandemic.

1. Help track exposure

The world has never been more sanitized. It’s common to see someone wearing a surgical mask in the grocery store and handwashing is mandatory, not just encouraged. Despite these measures, the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise. 

If your employees travel for work, they may have a higher risk of coronavirus exposure. If one of your employees shows symptoms, it’s important to know where they have been. Your telematics offers a clear map of their recent travels and can show where they may have been exposed. If there’s an outbreak at a recent jobsite, you can alert your employees to get tested to limit more cases.

2. Keep vehicles ready

When you have a high volume of work to meet, you need your equipment to keep up. Your telematics solution can help you monitor and optimize vehicle health, even during increased use. Keep up with regular maintenance without needing to track individual schedules. Let your solution alert you to maintenance needs, keeping vehicles running reliably when you need them most.

3. Track Hours of Service data

The FMCSA offered Hours of Service (HoS) relief to those providing direct support to the COVID-19 response. Your company may be enjoying these new requirements, but your drivers still need to comply with the rules that apply. Use your solutions to maintain and monitor fleet compliance. When life is often filled with uncertainty, your telematics can keep your fleet on track.

How are your telematics solutions benefiting your fleet during the pandemic?

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