Using Fleet Telematics to Improve the Customer Experience

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Keeping customers happy is a top concern for any company. For fleets, this means finding ways to keep up with customer expectations for delivery, timing, and updates.

In this blog, you’ll learn how a telematics solution can help you surpass expectations to create an unmatched customer experience.

How telematics can improve customer satisfaction

1. Keep customers up-to-date

When your drivers are delayed, it can throw a customer’s schedule into turmoil. If they don’t know when to expect you, they can’t adjust their plans with confidence.

A telematics solution can be used to track your drivers as they move. If traffic or road closures affect arrival times, the customer can easily see the new ETA. They won’t waste time waiting for you, but can instead adjust to meet the new schedule.

2. Increase dispatch efficiency

Your dispatchers have to stay on top of each driver and job. Adding telematics to your fleet automates many of their tasks. They can easily and quickly see where drivers are at all times, without having to call them. If customers have questions, they can immediately access the information they need. Your customers will have greater satisfaction with your service, making your dispatch team’s work easier.

3. Improve accountability

Fleet telematics can help you keep excellent records. If a customer has a question about a delivery or the timing of your work, you can easily pull your logs. Your telematics records will show when your driver was on-site, confirming your claims.

This data can also help if a customer claims that your driver never showed or didn’t meet a deadline. Your telematics information can protect your company and driver from these allegations, showing that you met the project’s requirements.

4. Offer dependability

Customers don’t want to spend a lot of time wondering when or if you’re going to show. Offering visibility and transparency through your telematics ensures they know what’s going on at all times. Since they will spend less time checking up on your team, they can focus on other important tasks. If you continue to work reliably, customers will be more likely to choose your team for future projects.

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