Unexpected Benefits of a Fleet Telematics Solution

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We’ve made no secret about our love of telematics for fleets. These devices offer endless benefits, from driver safety to cost cutting, to every fleet that uses them.

Although we’ve covered the more common advantages of a telematics solution, there are many ways they can help your daily maintenance needs. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the unexpected benefits of a fleet telematics solution.

Unexpected benefits of a fleet telematics solution

1. Theft prevention

Company vehicles are at-risk for theft. In the best situation, you can recover the vehicle with minimal damage and downtime. All too often, however, you can’t recover your vehicle quickly, or at all.

When you install a telematics device in your vehicle, you can easily track it in real-time if it is stolen. Some telematics options, such as the Geotab Keyless, also make your vehicles more difficult to steal. You will get a notification and be able to act quickly to locate and recover your vehicle, saving time and money.

2. Customer satisfaction

Many people tend to think of telematics as a fleet-only benefit, but these solutions can empower better results for your customers. Real-time tracking provides accurate arrival estimates for every delivery and driver, ensuring better scheduling for both parties. If your driver runs into a delay, you can notify the customer immediately to minimize time wasted. As you customers grow more informed and empowered by your telematics, their satisfaction will increase too.

3. Vehicle utilization

As a fleet manager, understanding your fleet’s needs is critical. Knowing which vehicles and which types of vehicles are used the most can help you optimize future purchases. It will also help you optimize the number of vehicles in your fleet. Your telematics solution easily tracks this information, helping you make informed decisions. 

4. Time

Inefficient routing isn’t the only time-waster in your fleet. Telematics simplifies many of your office staff’s work, minimizing the time they have to spend looking for specific vehicles or information. It can also save you time. With immediate access to essential information, you can do more in less time. Plus, your decisions will always be backed by data, ensuring the best outcomes.

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