Tracking Benefits for Rental Car Services

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Fleet vehicles are a rental car service’s most valuable assets. As customers come and go, these assets are placed right in the hands of someone who may not put as much value and care into the vehicle as you would. Though you can’t always control how someone will treat your property, you can avoid serious error and damage with GPS tracking in your rental cars. For more information on how tracking can protect your fleet, read through the four GPS unit benefits for rental car services included below.

1. Vehicle tracking

Without GPS tracking, any vehicles that are stolen disappear until someone spots them abandoned on the side of the road. Instead of spending your day filling out insurance claims, let GPS units track your cars for you. If you’re worried, pull up the map and see where your car is in real time. Set alerts to tell you if the vehicle is moving when it’s not supposed to. Give yourself peace of mind and added security.

2. Set perimeter

Car rental companies can limit the area customers are allowed to travel with their rental. If your vehicle goes somewhere it shouldn’t, you’ll get an alert. You can take fast action to make sure your vehicle isn’t in any danger and let your customer know that they’ve gone outside the set area.

3. Remotely unlock doors

Locking the keys in the car is a common enough problem, but it can still throw a wrench in your day. Some newer cars have keyless start and remote unlocking capabilities, but many rental vehicles aren’t equipped with this technology. Spare keys are helpful, but not always ideal, depending on distance and timing. Your GPS unit allows you to remotely unlock your cars without having to leave your desk and saves the day for your customer.

4. Get maintenance alerts

Regular vehicle maintenance is often difficult for companies with large vehicle fleets. Oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups get lost in the bustle and your fleet suffers for it. GPS units allow you to set alerts for regular maintenance needs for each rental car, ensuring they are well-maintained and running at their best.

Do you use GPS tracking for your rental cars? How has it helped you?

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