Top 5 Challenges for Commercial Fleets

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Each fleet has its own problems and challenges to overcome, some great and others less so, but some challenges are universal among most fleets. Telematics play a vital role in solving these problems and giving fleet managers the tools to address them efficiently and effectively.

Read through the five common problems found among vehicle fleets below and see how your fleet problems compare.

1. Cost-Reduction Initiatives

Unsurprisingly, cost reduction is the top concern for most fleet managers. With a weak national and global economy, companies want to see dollars saved without negative effects. Managers are often expected to reach a specific reduction goal every year. The cost of fuel, new vehicles, vehicle maintenance, driver reimbursements, and more fluctuate constantly, yet managers are expected to keep a pristine fleet without costing the company more.

2. Fuel Cost Fluctuation

The cost of fuel has remained low over the recent months, but fleet managers are always aware of the volatility of fuel costs. Even with the low price of fuel, companies have to plan for spikes and dips in cost. Many companies use telematics devices to reduce idle time in an effort to save fuel, while others are exchanging trucks and vans for smaller vehicles.

3. Driver Safety

Like most drivers, companies want to reduce the number of preventable accidents to save money on insurance and repair costs. Companies also have the added costs of downtime and liability to consider. Some managers implement driver training programs and incentives to help reduce accidents. Others use GPS units to track and improve driver behavior.

4. Green Fleet Initiatives

In this age of global awareness, creating an eco-friendly fleet is a goal for many companies. As we mentioned in a previous blog, there are several ways that telematics help fleet managers reach these goals. Though desired, eco-conscious decisions are usually weighed against the potential benefit and cost to the company. If the green fleet initiative isn’t beneficial, it will most likely be rejected.

5. Productivity Initiatives

Every company wants to see productivity increase and fleets are no exception. The best way to track driver productivity is to track it with a telematics device. The data gathered allows fleet managers to evaluate driver productivity and strategize improvements. These devices can also help cut back on travel time by providing better routes for drivers.

Do you struggle with any of these issues? How do you solve them?

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