Top 3 Connected Car Benefits

by May 29, 2017Fleet Management, Telematics0 comments

Ever since whispers of autonomous cars began reaching the ears of the general public, vehicle technologies became an important topic of conversation. In the rush and excitement, however, many people overlook the benefits telematics and other vehicle tech have already given fleets throughout the world.

Connected vehicles are the way of the present and the future, so it’s important to understand how these tools can improve your operations and management. To see why the future of vehicle technology is important to your fleet, read through these benefits below.

1. Access important data

As a company, you need to know where your vehicles are, who’s driving them, and how they are operating. With a telematics device like the Geotab Go7, you can take your fleet monitoring to the next level. Track locations, optimize routing, and improve delivery times with GPS tracking. Monitor engine diagnostics and fuel use to get the most from your vehicles and money. See how your employees are driving to implement best practices. Once you have all this data, you can create trends and view data history to best run your fleet.

2. Choose your own fleet

In the past, telematics systems were limited by the brand of vehicle you owned. One-brand fleets could utilize a single system, but companies with multi-brand fleets couldn’t operate the same telematics in all of their vehicles. Now, telematics offers interoperability through open platforms that work with all brands and vehicles. By using devices, like the Go7, that use your vehicle’s OBD port, you can collect and aggregate data from your entire fleet in the same system.

3. Keep your fleet secure

Security is one of the biggest debates surrounding connected cars. The more connected we are, the greater the risks of hacking are. Telematics security has improved immensely in the past few years, but fleet owners and managers still need to be hyper-vigilant about data security. The most secure systems are those that use “security by design,”  an approach that focuses on security measures from its basic foundations. Your telematics system should not be your first line of defense, however, so be sure to create a solid security policy within your company.

How has telematics helped your fleet?

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