Tips to Combat Drowsy Driving

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The nation is currently experiencing a frustrating combination of an increased demand for food, medical supplies, goods, and more while also losing drivers to quarantine and sickness.

As America’s drivers and supply chain work overtime to continue transporting the supplies needed, they are subject to more demanding schedules. Though fleets are prioritizing driver safety during this hectic time, drivers are more at risk of fatigue as they travel.

Help keep your drivers safe from fatigue-caused accidents by reminding them of these strategies and tips to combat drowsy driving.

1. Don’t speed

When you’re tired and ready to go home, it’s tempting to save time by speeding. Adding unnecessary speed to an already dangerous situation only puts yourself more at risk. Protect yourself and the people around you by keeping to posted speed limits. If you’re driving through bad weather or in an area with dangerous terrain, slow down even more. 

2. Keep your mind engaged

Letting your mind drift can quickly lead to falling asleep at the wheel. To avoid this, try singing along to the radio, talking on the phone (hand-free only), or listening to a podcast that keeps you engaged. 

3. Watch your intake

If you take a medication that makes you sleepy, don’t take your dose before driving. Avoid any kind of alcohol, which can contribute to sleepiness. Instead, drink coffee, soda, or another caffeine-loaded drink to increase your alertness. While this offers a temporary solution, it’s important to remember that it will only last a short time and caffeine is not a replacement for sleep.

4. Take breaks when needed

When you feel too drowsy to continue moving safely, find a safe place to stop for a break. You can try to find something to eat or take a walk to stretch your muscles and senses. If you feel like a short break isn’t long enough, don’t be afraid to stop for a short nap. Better to get to your destination late than to never arrive at all.

These tips can help limit drowsy driving, but nothing replaces the power of sufficient sleep. As much as possible, empower well-rested driving for ultimate safety.

Do you have tips to prevent drowsy driving? Share them in the comments.

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