Three Things to Consider When Buying LED Lights

by Dec 26, 2016Vehicle Lighting0 comments

LED lights have become an essential part of many vehicle fleets. Whether you manage a fleet of emergency vehicles or work trucks, bright, dependable lights are an essential part of your work needs.

As LED lights steadily replace halogen lights, the amount of available equipment continues to grow. Companies can now purchase work lights, headlights, dash lights, and more — whatever is needed for their specific area of work.

When you decide to equip your fleet vehicles with LED lights, how do you which light is the right one? We’ve put together these three tips to help you choose the right lights for your fleet.

1. How will you use your lights?

For your LED lights to be an asset, you have to know what you will need from them before you buy them. If your lights are for emergency vehicles, you need to get lights with flashing capabilities. If you need lights that can be moved around, you’ll need adjustable or removable vehicle lights. Always check each light’s features before purchasing.

2. Where will you place your lights?

Your lights will be useless if you can’t mount them in the right location. When looking at lights, carefully check the size, orientation, and power needs. Choosing an LED light that is too small or one that requires a higher voltage than your vehicles can maintain will make your investment almost useless.

3. What weather conditions will your lights be exposed to?

You want to choose lights that will work best with your climate. If your vehicles will be traveling through harsh winter conditions, you want lights that will shine through the snow. On the other hand, if your fleet is located in a climate with high-intensity sunlight, you want LED lights that will be visible in the bright sun. If your vehicles frequently move through different regions, add that to your considerations. The right lights can help protect your employees and other drivers on the road.

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