The Heroism of Telematics

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Telematics are invaluable for the many uses they offer for fleets and the companies who own them. Reduced idle time, more efficient routing, protection, and tracking save time and money for the companies that use GPS units in their fleets. Sometimes, when a situation takes a turn for the worse, telematics can also be used to save the day.

1. Bad weather

When a region is hit with bad weather, roads and traffic are some of the worst affected areas. Companies are often forced to cease travel and shipments to preserve the safety of their drivers. But what if a company can’t stop its travel? Telematics allows companies to monitor the location of their drivers and the state of the roads they’re on. If a route becomes unsafe, drivers can be told to pull off the road, reroute, or stop at a hotel. Business can continue without endangering drivers or losing vehicles.

2. Terrorism

Though we hope and pray that acts of terror cease to threaten the world, we live in a world of uncertainty. When we are threatened, GPS tracking can offer help in surprising ways. When the Boston Marathon was attacked in 2013, the streets surrounding the tragedy were closed for several days. Companies were able to use telematics to reroute their vehicles and continue business through the chaos that followed the attack.

3. Crime

Fleets and the inventory they carry are important assets. GPS tracking becomes invaluable when a truck or van is stolen or broken into. Companies can track their assets and provide helpful information to the authorities and insurance companies when the time comes.

4. Emergencies

Many emergency services fleets, including police cruisers, ambulances, and fire trucks, are equipped with GPS units. Using telematics, first responders are able to accurately route and, when needed, reroute their vehicles to get to the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible. Emergency vehicles can be tracked during natural disasters and directed to nearby emergencies more quickly and accurately.

5. Unexpected circumstances

Life rarely goes as planned and companies often need quick solutions when something goes wrong. Telematics allow fleet managers to oversee their vehicles and direct them as needed, no matter the day, time, or location.

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