The Benefits of Telematics for Towing Companies

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As a tow company, your vehicles are your greatest assets. You need them to be ready to go at any time to stay ahead of the competition.

You also need a streamlined system that ensures your drivers can provide the best service to all of your customers.

Running an optimized fleet depends heavily on the tools you use to manage your drivers and vehicles. From maintenance to sending the right truck to each job, you have to be in control at all times.

In this article, you’ll learn why telematics are essential for tow truck fleets and how you can benefit from implementing your solution today.

Benefit of using telematics for towing companies

1. Higher customer satisfaction

Today, most customers have endless options for a tow. They can call around to find the most affordable, fastest, and best-rated option, no matter the location. Offering dependable arrival times is one of the best ways to keep customers happy. With telematics, you can also provide real-time tracking. Customers will know exactly when to expect your arrival, enjoying higher overall satisfaction.

2. Decreased downtime

You should never have to tow your own vehicles due to breakdowns or malfunctions. Engine diagnostics and maintenance tracking features prevent this situation by ensuring vehicles are always in top shape. Following automated maintenance notifications and investigating engine alerts will keep your fleet running smoothly at all times.

3. Optimal efficiency

Sending the wrong truck to a job is frustrating and costly to you, your drivers, and your customers. Drivers who are unprepared for the job may also waste crucial time. With telematics, your drivers can remain in constant contact with your dispatchers. Your team can keep drivers updated on each customer’s needs ahead of time. This includes quick notifications for canceled jobs. Every job will run faster and more smoothly, ensuring the best results for every tow that follows.

4. Increased driver safety

No one chooses where their vehicle breaks down. Unfortunately, that means your drivers may have to work in dangerous areas or on the side of busy highways. Telematics keeps your drivers connected constantly. If they get into trouble or need assistance, you can send help immediately.

Your solution also keeps drivers safe while they’re traveling. Using your telematics to track driver behaviors addresses problems such as speeding, distracted driving, harsh turns, aggressive driving, and more. Driving is dangerous enough in a small vehicle, let alone in a loaded tow truck. With this additional monitoring, you can ensure every driver makes it home.

When choosing your telematics solution, it’s important to find the right provider. Explore our Geotab GO device to see why it is the best choice for towing companies and their teams.

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