The Benefits of Rental Car Telematics

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Today, rental car telematics can help companies thrive through the shift in mobility needs. Though rental cars and cabs were once the only option for short-term travel, those days are long gone. Now, scooters, bikes, ride-sharing services, and more offer alternative solutions.

To stay ahead of this new competition, rent-a-car companies need to use every tool at their disposal. Telematics provides the information and technology rental companies need to find success in this new mobility paradigm.

If you are considering a telematics solution or looking for a way to improve your rental car business, read below for the many benefits of rental car telematics.

Tracking vehicle location

Once a customer drives away, you have minimal control over your vehicle and its use. Telematics solutions offer an easy, real-time method of GPS tracking. If a vehicle is stolen, you can quickly determine its current location. Location tracking is also critical in the event of a car accident or breakdown. Using location data, you can dispatch emergency services or a replacement vehicle immediately. This can help protect customers and ensure they have the best possible experience with your company.

Processing returns

Closing contracts is a lengthy and often annoying process for everyone involved. Customers have to wait while you inspect the car, a process that can often feel like a waste of time. Telematics allows you to automate this process, quickly accessing odometer, damage, and fuel reports. Your customers can be in and out in just minutes, creating a better overall experience. You’ll also save time for your employees, a win all around.

Controlling vehicle use

Unfortunately, unauthorized employee use is common among car rental companies. Integrating telematics tech allows you to keep a reliable record of use at all times. As employee use drops, you can optimize maintenance, repairs, and fuel consumption when the vehicle is in the lot. It also improves employee honesty, ensuring your vehicles are only used to create income.

Improving fleet maintenance

When managing a vehicle fleet, maintenance costs are often one of the greatest costs. The constant use of your rental cars makes regular maintenance even more important. Use rental car telematics to monitor engine diagnostics and improve repairs. Build regular maintenance schedules customized to each vehicle’s needs and use reminders to stick to them. The better your maintenance processes become, the lower your costs can be.

Monitoring driving behavior

Whether your vehicles are driven by customers or employees, telematics tools can track problematic driving behaviors. If a driver consistently brakes hard, speeds, or takes corners too fast, you can develop improved risk assessments for your vehicles. As you minimize the chances of violations or crashes, you can create a safer environment for all of your drivers.

Optimizing fuel consumption

Fuel charges that are based on visual inspections are often too high (bad for the customer) or too low (bad for you). Instead, use telematics tech to gather fuel consumption data from your fuel sensors. Your improved accuracy can then lead to positive customer experiences and accurate customer fuel charges.

Do you use rental car telematics to improve operations? Tell us about it in the comments!

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