Temperature Tracking and Telematics

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Fleet vehicles require a lot of monitoring and maintenance, no matter the industry or amount of use. Fleet managers have to track locations, hours of service, idle time, and much more — each vital to the smooth operation of their fleet.

For companies that operate in the food and beverage industry, vehicle tracking becomes even more important. Shipments have to be sent and received on time, trailers have to be kept a specific temperature to avoid spoiling, and companies have to fight to stay ahead of the growing competition.

Telematics solutions can offer peace of mind for fleet managers while ensuring that every shipment arrives when and how it should. Geotab offers fleet management solutions that allow food and beverage companies to stay on top of industry changes and regulations. To see how Geotab’s telematics devices can help your company, see the benefits they offer below.

Temperature Tracking

Most importantly, using a tracking unit allows you to monitor and maintain the temperature of your trailers. You can ensure your food stays fresh for delivery and meet industry standards for safe transportation conditions. Plus, if you sign up for Geotab’s ProPlus plan, you can track vehicle temperatures through your device without paying extra.

Route Optimization

Many telematics devices are best known for their GPS tracking abilities, but these handy tools can do much more. Using a tracking unit, such as the Geotab Go7, you can save time and money by using the best routes. Your devices will direct drivers to the best routes for current traffic and road conditions, ensuring your shipments get to their destinations on time.

Hours of Service (HoS) Tracking

By December 2017, every commercial truck driver will have to comply completely with HoS requirements by tracking their hours through an electronic logging system. With the use of your Go7 device, your drivers can log their hours right into the system, where you can track each driver’s entries.

Real-Time Data

When dealing with products as sensitive as food and beverages, it’s important to have real-time updates on all of your shipments. With your telematics device, you can track locations in real-time, which allows you to give your customers accurate updates about their deliveries. You can also use real-time temperature monitoring to catch any issues before you lose your products.

To bring temperature logging capabilities to your fleet, get your own Geotab Go7 devices today.

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