Protect Your Assets with the Geotab GO RUGGED

by Nov 13, 2017GPS Tracking, Telematics

Winter is coming. As we get closer to the end of the year, temperatures are dropping and conditions are steadily worsening. If your work involves long hours and intense outdoor labor, you are familiar with winter’s effects on your equipment. Tires, fluids, batteries, and technology are often casualties of cold temperatures, ice, and exposure to the elements.

There are many tricks that can help you prevent most winter-caused damages, but telematics devices are more susceptible to the dangers of the cold. Thankfully, Geotab has created a telematics option that is built to withstand cold, wind, rain, and impacts. With the innovative features offered by the Geotab GO RUGGED, you can use telematics with any type of equipment through any incoming winter weather.

1. Reliability

Geotab created the GO RUGGED to solve the unique set of challenges faced by companies with heavy equipment in harsh environments. To help protect your assets, the GO RUGGED is built with a rugged exterior closure. The device has also earned a IP67 rating, meaning its features have been certified as protection against intrusion by water, dust, accidental contact, and solid objects. Your work and jobsite elements would be detrimental to most telematics devices, but the GO RUGGED’s design ensures optimal functioning at all times.

2. Versatility

The GO RUGGED supports internal and external installations, offering a range of options for your equipment. With its protections and telematics capabilities, the device is ideal for use in construction, mining, agriculture, oil and gas work, utilities, and engineering. Built with the ability to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C, the GO RUGGED provides technical support in nearly any environment.

3. Telematics

Geotab offers the best telematics devices on the market and the GO RUGGED is no exception. With this device, you can track your fleet vehicles, monitor engine diagnostics, and receive real-time notifications for accidents and issues. The built-in accelerometer and in-vehicle driver coaching capabilities can improve your driver safety and overall fleet performance. In the rough conditions your fleet experiences, you can keep track of your drivers and vehicles, no matter the weather.

Learn more about the Geotab GO RUGGED and its capabilities to decide if it’s right for your fleet.

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