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As technology advances, many vehicle owners are pouring money into vehicle upgrades. For some, this means a simple navigation unit for the dash. For others, professional installation services are required to bring their cars up to their desired technological state. Some of these upgrades are for personal or aesthetic purposes, while others are used for efficiency or safety.

Additional vehicle lighting can serve many purposes, including increased visibility, value, and more. If you are looking for a reason to invest in additional lighting for your vehicle, here are five of the major benefits that come with additional lighting:

1. Visibility

Probably the most obvious benefit, visibility is also the most important. Additional lighting can help any driver see better as they drive at night, but also through fog, storms, and other bad weather. Some people even suffer from nyctalopia, a condition more commonly known as night blindness, which impairs their night driving visibility, even when using manufacturer headlights. For performance drivers, long-range lighting can improve performance and assist both on and off the course. Instead of using high beams, drivers can rely on the extra illumination produced by their additional lighting. 

2. Safety

While better visibility improves safety, it is not the only safety benefit with additional lighting. When other drivers can see you better, you and your passengers are much safer. LED lighting accessories are bright and can be used in many ways. Using LED brake lights, corner lamps, or emergency flashers can help other drivers see you before it’s too late.

3. Utility

What do you use your vehicle for? While most cars are used for transportation and the occasional furniture haul, some are used for more heavy-duty tasks. For tow truck drivers, those who use their vehicles for work, or someone offering roadside assistance, additional lighting can make the difference between life and death. Spotlights can provide lighting at crucial moments. Towing lights can alert other drivers to your actions and keep you, and those around you, safe. Even among the safest circumstances, your lighting can help you get the job done sooner.

4. Value

As with any long-term decision, vehicle owners must also consider the potential effects any updates will have on their vehicle’s value. Fortunately, additional lighting accessories significantly increase a vehicle’s worth and sometimes even convince a potential buyer to make the purchase. Increased road safety, appearance, and utility can only be good things for a vehicle.

5. Style

Though maybe not a benefit of importance, style is still a benefit of desire. Even those with clunkers still like to add their own flair to their vehicles and additional lighting can help. Light bars, lighting strips, Euro head and tail lights, and underbody neon lights all provide that extra something to make your vehicle unique. These lights may offer minimal help with your vehicle’s overall lighting, but they’re mostly for show.

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