Increasing School Bus Safety with Fleet Telematics

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School is back in session and school bus fleets are returning to the streets with their precious passengers. 

Increasing school bus safety is always a pressing concern. Rather than relying only on reactive measures, school bus fleet managers can work proactively. To keep students safe and hold drivers accountable, schools can install telematics in every bus. With these tools, you can improve safety in a variety of ways.

Increasing School Bus Safety with Fleet Telematics

Improve driving behaviors

Simple mistakes can have deadly consequences for school bus drivers. Aggressive driving, distractions, speeding, and other all-too-common offenses are unacceptable when your vehicle carries young lives. Telematics tracks these behaviors, alerting supervisors when drivers are acting irresponsibly. In the event of a lawsuit, these records may be the key to a successful defense or prosecution.

Use your telematics to coach drivers on how they can be safer behind the wheel. You can also integrate in-vehicle coaching capabilities to correct behaviors as they happen. By addressing specific problems, you can achieve better results.

Keep drivers accountable

Driving behaviors aren’t the only concern for school bus drivers. You also need to ensure that your drivers are behaving appropriately with students. Capturing every moment with cameras and telematics devices protects both students and drivers. If an incident does occur, you can easily check the recordings to investigate. No matter the claim, your telematics allows truth to prevail.

Maintain vehicle safety

Telematics simplifies the inspection process. Drivers can complete their inspections faster and more thoroughly, ensuring that everything is covered. Tracking mechanical needs with predictive maintenance systems can further prevent problems. 

When buses do break down, drivers can get in touch with dispatchers quickly. Automatic GPS tracking empowers quick resolution, getting students home fast and safely.

Use optimized routes

Automating routing guarantees the fastest, most efficient pick-ups and drop-offs. You can save money on fuel and payroll in your day-to-day trips. More importantly, GPS tracking offers instant updates on traffic issues. If buses encounter accidents, road work, or other delays, your solution will automatically find the best route to keep everyone on schedule.

Give parents peace of mind

Parents trust schools to protect their children while they are away from home. With school bus GPS tracking and telematics, you can give them the information they need to feel confident in your care.

Real-time tracking shows where every bus is at all times. If there’s a delay due to traffic or weather, you can quickly alert parents and keep them up-to-date. Sending location alerts is an added perk that helps parents plan their day. You can keep students safe and parents happy with everything you do to improve the bus-riding experience.

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