Improving HoS and ELD Mandate Compliance

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If your drivers aren’t on-board with your compliance efforts, you risk endless fines and violations. Even the strongest policies won’t help if your employees keep exceeding hours of service (HoS) limits or failing inspections.

Improve your ELD Mandate and HoS compliance by keeping drivers informed and involved. These tips can help you increase your fleet safety score and avoid unnecessary violations.

Improving HoS and ELD Mandate compliance

1. Offer in-depth driver training

Your drivers may know the rules and limits you’ve given, but they might not know why they exist. As you create your HoS policies, explain the reasoning behind your decisions. Including this information in training sessions will help your team be more aware of their actions’ importance.

Go in-depth about the breaks, resets, and limits enforced by HoS rules. Explain how your policies meet these demands. You can also include information about the most common errors, including any made by your drivers. 

Refreshing this information periodically will help your team avoid simple mistakes. If you update your team whenever there’s a change in the regulations or your policies, your drivers can be a powerful partner in your compliance.

2. Encourage active participation

Simply educating drivers about your policies may not be enough. You may find better results through gamification. You can award drivers for having the most compliant logs or fewest violations. Offering rewards, such as gift cards, swag, or extra PTO, may prompt some drivers to work harder.

You can also get help from drivers who are excelling. If you have a driver who continually causes issues, pair them with a more successful driver. Or, ask your compliant drivers to share their tips and routines with the rest of the fleet. This peer-to-peer advice may reach the team in ways management can’t.

3. Listen to driver concerns

If your drivers are consistently struggling to meet regulation standards, something may be lacking in your fleet. Meet with your team to understand what is causing these issues. It may be your ELDs or your policies. Some drivers may not understand how HoS regulations work. Take the time to hear their feedback and find solutions that improve your compliance.

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