How to Extend the Life of Your Fleet Vehicles

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Vehicle prices have risen dramatically over the last year. Used car prices increased by 30% in 2021, nearly breaking the record for the greatest increase in a 12-month period.

While new car prices have only risen 5% in the last year, they have their own issues. A global computer chip shortage has limited production for all types of vehicles and created long waiting lists for buyers.

With these problems, most fleets can’t afford to lose any of their current vehicles. Maintaining your budget and avoiding downtime means keeping your vehicles in excellent shape. These tips for extending the life of your vehicles will help you maintain your fleet for as long as possible.

How to extend the life of your fleet vehicles

1. Prioritize preventative maintenance

Ignoring small, avoidable issues typically leads to bigger, more expensive, and time-consuming repairs. Regular oil changes, tire rotations, and engine checks, on the other hand, can prevent these costly fixes. Create a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicles to keep them in the best condition. With just a bit of time in the shop, you can maintain a dependable fleet with the vehicles you already own.

2. Focus on safe driving

An accident is the quickest way to lose one of your fleet vehicles. You can’t control what your drivers do on the road, but you can train them to drive more safely. Start by creating a training program that all drivers must complete. Cover safe practices, what to do in emergencies, and the reasons these actions are so important. 

You can also use tools such as telematics to monitor how well your drivers perform. By tracking their behaviors, you can see where each driver needs to improve. The more you focus on safety, the fewer accidents your vehicles will endure.

3. Consider alternatives to company vehicles

Every vehicle has a limited lifetime. If you have company vehicles that employees use both on and off the job, your vehicles won’t last as long as they could. Instead, consider using an alternative, such as paying for your employee’s mileage in their personal vehicles. Along with being driven less, your vehicles will be exposed to fewer risks and damage. You can increase your control of your fleet vehicles and their lifetime use.

As we face these uncertain times, take the steps necessary to keep your fleet operating at its best. For more tips on fleet safety and maintenance, visit our blog.

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