How Telematics Support Fleet Sustainability

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Before you can implement green practices in your fleet, you have to know where to start. That’s where your fleet data comes in. Your telematics solution offers invaluable insights into your fleet and sustainability. Using this information, you can adjust your policies to limit your company’s environmental impact.

How telematics support fleet sustainability

Your fleet’s data shows which areas need improvement. By measuring your current fuel use, idling times, and more, you can make informed decisions about the future of your fleet. Your telematics can then help you monitor and implement your new green policies.

Use these tips to find a good place to start with your fleet’s sustainable practices.

Optimizing routes

Every gallon of gas your vehicles use creates about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. To minimize your fleet’s carbon footprint, you have to reduce its fuel usage.

Your telematics solution can find the best routes for your drivers to take. It will identify the shortest routes with the least amount of traffic. Additionally, your devices can make sure that drivers visit each location in the most efficient order. Along with saving time and fuel, your solution will limit the amount of time your fleet spends idling in traffic.

Reducing idling

Idling is responsible for a considerable amount of vehicle CO2 emissions. Whenever your drivers sit in a running vehicle for longer than a few minutes, they create unnecessary emissions.

Your telematics can track and measure your fleet’s idle times. You can use your solution to identify the worst offenders and develop better strategies. Creating a policy that states the maximum time drivers can spend idling, for example, can reduce this issue. You can then track each driver’s results to maintain these green practices.

Identifying inefficient driving

Harsh driving creates unnecessary emissions as well. When drivers aggressively speed, accelerate harshly, and drive in a way that uses more fuel, they hurt the environment. 

Use your telematics to monitor how your drivers behave on the road. You can then use this data to address each driver’s behaviors. With driver coaching and monitoring features, your telematics can help your team become safer, greener drivers.

Many telematics solutions, including the Geotab GO9, offer tools that help you track your fleet’s sustainability. Learn how we can help you implement a telematics solution with our fleet install services.

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