Guaranteeing Compliance with Geotab Drive

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Compliance is a major concern for every fleet manager. Meeting regulatory requirements ensures your company avoids legal problems and hefty fines. It also ensures the safety and well-being of your employees.

Managing fleet compliance is only one of many responsibilities, however, so you need tools that you can rely on. Rather than finding multiple tools, we recommend using Geotab Drive to manage your compliance.

Geotab Drive connects with your GO devices to gather and store essential data. Most importantly, this tool offers Electronic Logging Device (ELD), Hours of Service (HoS), International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), and Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) compliance capabilities. With just one tool, you can keep your fleet on track with all regulation needs.

ELD and HoS Compliance

As a registered compliant ELD provider, Geotab is a great option for your fleet. The Drive app is part of its larger cloud ELD solution, working with the GO device to track drive time. Drivers can easily log into the app and select their vehicles and trailers, if applicable. The app automatically detects when the vehicle is moving, ensuring accurate electronic logs. By reviewing and certifying logs, drivers can prevent potential problems. They can also use the app to apply exemptions.

Drive actively works with your team to minimize violation risks. If a driver is approaching HoS limits, the system sends real-time alerts to let them know. During inspections, sharing logs is quick and easy. You can pass every inspection with ease and full confidence in your compliance.

DVIR Compliance

Electronic driver vehicle inspection reports are easier to track and complete. Drivers can review previous reports before starting the next, noting any previous problems. If these issues persist, they can alert maintenance quickly to avoid making them worse. Reports with defects are also flagged in the app to keep problems from falling through the cracks.

Preset defect options simplify your reports, saving time for your drivers. With an additional section for notes, you can ensure every issue gets the attention it deserves. Geotab Drive includes reports for both vehicles and trailers to further improve tracking and reporting.

IFTA Compliance

Drive works with your telematics devices to automate IFTA reporting. By tracking location and miles driven, your solution automatically records travel in each jurisdiction. Combining this information with your fuel transaction data allows you to quickly generate reports when needed. Your telematics reduce the chances of losing paperwork, making overpayments, or creating errors, improving IFTA compliance.

Ready to have compliance peace of mind? Purchase your GO device today to gain access to Geotab Drive and many other essential fleet management tools.

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