GPS Installs: Why Should I Choose Professional Installation?

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Several years ago, we wrote about a man who hired a car stereo company to install electronics, including a GPS system, in his vehicle. At the end of the job, the vehicle had numerous malfunctions and the company refused to fix them. All in all, the experience cost him over $12,000, endless frustration, and lots of wasted time.

This is just one example of the dangers involved with hiring the wrong installers. Vehicles are complex machines. Even if your techs have done research or you choose a vehicle electronics company, an inexperienced installer can easily create more costs than a professional job would in the first place.

In this blog, we’ve covered the benefits of professional GPS installs and the risks of using other installation alternatives. Keep reading to learn why you should always use a professional company that specializes in fleet installations.


Professional GPS Installers

Cost is often the biggest factor when deciding against professional installations. A quality fleet installation project can be expensive upfront, especially if you have a large number of vehicles. A more complicated install may also increase costs to cover additional labor and time. Once you’ve paid the quoted price, however, the chances of additional costs are low. You’ll be able to enjoy a successful install without damages or problems.

Other Installs

Using a cheaper electronics company or your techs to install your devices may be less expensive upfront, but will likely create greater costs long-term. Incorrect installs can mess with your vehicles’ electronics or simply delay your device use. In the worst-case scenario, inexperienced installers may cause expensive damages that you then have to repair. 


Professional GPS Installers

Scheduling an installation project has both pros and cons. You’ll likely have to work with your installer’s schedule, so you may not be able to get an immediate start on the project. Once your installations begin, however, they’ll likely move faster than they would with another installer. With both experience and knowledge, professional installers can work quicker and more efficiently to get your installs completed.

Other Installs

An in-house installation project gives you full control over timing, so you can choose the schedule that best accommodates your needs. Your employees won’t be able to work as fast as a trained tech, however, so you will likely spend more time on the project. These installs will likely put your vehicles out of commission for extended periods, so you’ll also risk losing revenue.

Long-Term Use

Professional GPS Installers

After a professional installation project, you’ll be able to enjoy the capabilities you need for as long as your devices meet your needs.

Other Installs

Even if the project goes well, a self-installation or faulty install may not be covered by warranty. You may have to pay again to fix any problems and/or re-install the device. With an employee install, you also increase the risks of device tampering. Employees who installed the devices also know how to disable or tamper with them. To protect your devices and data, it’s best to keep your employees away from your vehicle’s systems and electronics.

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