Got Dropped Calls?

by Jan 5, 2016Fleet Management0 comments

As humorous as Cingular’s “Dropped Calls” commercials are, the reality is that dropped calls and spotty coverage are frustrating and annoying. In our constantly connected world, not having access to your cell phone can cause issues for work or family.

So, what should you do when your cell phone, tablet, or computer coverage in your home, office, or vehicle isn’t adequate?

Call us biased, but our recommendation is using a weBoost Cell Phone Booster. Why? We’ll tell you.

1. How it works

WeBoost has spent over 40 years creating powerful antennas, which they now use to find and amplify the signals your cell phone can’t find. Once found, the antenna sends a boosted signal to your computer or mobile device. All of your calls and data are then fed through the booster, so you can maintain a solid connection.

2. Where it works

These cell phone boosters work wherever you need them: in your home, office, and even your vehicle. Most cell coverage issues are caused by three things, according to weBoost: distance from a cell tower, building materials in your home or office, or obstruction from tall objects such as trees, topography, and buildings. So, if you live, work, or vacation in a rural or remote area, you are probably fighting with spotty cell coverage. Stop fighting and get a cell phone booster instead.

3. Who it works for

Everyone! Unlike most cell phone boosters, weBoost’s products boost any cell phone within range, regardless of carrier. No pairing requirements and an unlimited number of users allow your friends and family to benefit from the signal boost whenever they’re over.

4. What else it offers

WeBoost cell phone boosters are equipped with microprocessors and software that allow them to adjust to changes in the signal they receive, so you always have the maximum signal strength. Since your phone doesn’t have to keep searching for a strong signal, its battery will last longer.

Arguably the best part of a weBoost cell phone booster? There are no extra costs or adjustments needed after it’s set up. Buy it, plug it in, and watch the magic happen.

Don’t let a poor cell phone signal disrupt your life and prevent you from doing what you need to do, when you need to do it.

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