Getting Drivers to Take Care of Fleet Vehicles

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For many companies, fleet vehicles are the face and engine of the company. These vehicles get your employees where they need to be, when they need to be there, and help them look good while doing it.

Unfortunately, your employees will never care about your company the way you do and this includes the level of care they give to company cars. Trash and stains build in the cab while the time between oil changes and maintenance checks gets longer.

When you can’t get your employees to take care of your vehicles, what’s the next step?

While we can’t guarantee your employees will take better care of your company vehicles, these tips will encourage them to put more effort into maintaining them.

1. Have a policy

The most important step is making a company policy for the use and treatment of your fleet vehicles. Clearly state what is expected for the condition of the interior and exterior of your vehicles. Conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance and to catch any issues before they become major problems for your employees. Use incentives to encourage good care or fines for non-compliance, whatever works best for your company.

2. Educate employees

Even with a policy, it is important to teach your employees why vehicle maintenance is necessary. Show your drivers how vehicle neglect can impact the company’s bottom line, which can negatively affect their earning potential and job security. Train your employees when they’re hired and have managers send regular maintenance reminders. Give your drivers the tools and communication they need to successfully maintain their vehicles.

3. Give incentives

Fines for negative behavior can work, but rewards for following the rules works better. Reward drivers who take excellent care of their fleet vehicles by offering upgrades on their next company vehicle. Or give your drivers the opportunity to buy their company vehicle when the lease is up. Knowing the vehicle will be theirs in the future can encourage better maintenance. Use your telematics devices to collect the information you need to measure your employees’ performance and reward them accordingly.

4. Care about your employees, too

When your employees know you care about them, they are more likely to care about you. Utilize the many telematics options on the market to track your vehicles’ maintenance and increase driving safety. Make sure your fleet managers are involved with your drivers and taking care of their needs. This will create a stronger bond with your employees and drive them to perform better.

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