Geotab Go7: Telematics at Its Best

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Telematics is the name of the game and it’s a game we’ve been playing for the past two decades. Through the years, we’ve seen technology develop from simple GPS tracking units to devices that monitor temperatures, seat belt use, and much more.

We’ve installed hundreds of thousands of telematics devices through our work, using different products and brands to meet our customer’s needs. After all this time and experience, we’ve settled on one device that we believe best fits fleet needs, no matter the industry: Geotab’s Go7.

To see why we love this tracking device, read through the features we’ve included below.

Ease of Use

We specialize in telematics installations, so we know how difficult some installs can be. Thankfully, the Go7 does not fall in that category. These small devices plug directly into the OBDII port of any vehicle, making them easy to access. If the device is in the way, you can easily adjust its location with an inexpensive harness. Once you start collecting data, you’ll find your Go7 is easy to navigate and program for your specific needs.


As “smart car” capabilities begin to invade the auto industry, cyber security is increasing in importance. Each Go7 uses a unique ID and non-static security keys, features that make false identity duplications difficult. Additional security features include message integrity verification, digitally-signed firmware, end-to-end security using authentication, encryptions, and independent third-party expert validation.


The Go7 is designed to give fleet managers the information they need to best run and improve their fleets. These features include:

  • Accident Detection & Notification – After an accident or suspected accident, the device will alert you with an email or desktop alert. Forensic information is saved and uploaded to allow for incident reconstruction.
  • Engine Diagnostics – The Go7 uses internal networks to gather data from the engine, the drivetrain, the instrument cluster and other subsystems. It is compatible with a variety of vehicles, including hybrids, vans, trucks, and electric vehicles.
  • In-Vehicle Driver Coaching – Enforce your safe driving policies with the spoken-word or buzzer alerts that sound when your drivers need correction. Set up your own rules and watch as the immediate feedback system improves safe driving practices within your fleet.


The Geotab Go7 is one of the most affordable solutions for today’s telematics needs. Purchase your device for $79 at our store and subscribe to a Geotab tracking plan for $29.95-39.95 per month.

The Geotab Go7 is a device we believe in, which is why we use them in our own vehicles! Get your Go7 and start transforming your fleet practices today.

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