Fleet Survival in an Ever-Changing Industry

by Mar 5, 2018Fleet Management

Fleet management isn’t easy. As you and your team lead your drivers, dispatchers, and others through your day-to-day operations, you are required to make big decisions that affect the current and future state of your fleet. With an ever-changing industry and new challenges appearing every day, you are ultimately responsible for the success and survival of your organization’s fleet.

While every fleet has its own unique issues and needs, there are a few overarching practices that can help you guide your fleet through the growing pains and changes waiting in the future. To best manage your fleet, use the fleet survival tips included below.

1. Keep realistic expectations

As a fleet manager, it’s your job to choose what’s best for your drivers and vehicles. While unfortunate, part of this responsibility includes managing the expectations of those above your position. Replacing your vehicles with a fully electric fleet or introducing new driving practices may sound good to your CEO, but only you can understand the dangers of such radical changes. Helping your fleet grow is important to your its survival, but you are responsible for implementing the changes that are helpful and avoiding those that will hurt.

2. Stay flexible

No matter which industry you’re in, being resistant to change will only lead to a messy, complicated, and potentially fatal future for your fleet. Technology, legislation, and information is rapidly expanding and changing, so staying flexible is vital for your fleet’s survival. Stay up-to-date on industry developments and always be willing to learn something new. Your drivers and superiors rely on your leadership to handle change, so do your best to stay open-minded.

3. Use your resources

While you may be responsible for your fleet’s well-being, you are not alone in your struggle. You have staff, technology, information, and equipment at your disposal, so use these resources to expand your abilities and allow you to focus on the more important aspects of your work. You know what is most important for your fleet vehicles and drivers, so use your resources and knowledge to best meet these needs.

How do you keep your fleet up-to-date and thriving? Share your survival tactics in the comments.

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