Finding a Cell Phone Signal: The Top Six Obstacles

by Oct 31, 2016Fleet Management0 comments

Cell phone signals are like the weather – clear and bright in one area and cloudy and static-filled in another. You can try all the usual tricks, such as holding your phone in the air, stepping outside, or walking around, but if the signal is blocked, there’s no way to reconnect.

Getting a cell phone signal booster for your home, office, and vehicle can help you find your signal again, but why is it blocked in the first place?

Read through this blog to see the top six obstacles that block your cell phone signal.

1. Terrain

We’ve all heard that you can get a better cell phone signal by getting to a higher point, but do you know why this trick works? Terrain features like hills, ridges, mountain, bluffs, and other high points in the landscape work to block your cell phone signal. When you live or travel through a valley or between hills, your signal may drop or weaken. Just wait until you’ve passed out of the area and you will get your signal back.

2. Foliage

Vegetation is another natural obstacle. Cell phone signals tend to get absorbed by bushes, shrubs, trees, vines, and other kinds of foliage. If you live, stay or travel in highly wooded areas, you’ll find that your signal drops within the trees.

3. Cell tower distance

Cell phone signals operate on radio frequency waves, so the farther you are from the nearest tower, the weaker your signal will be. If you’ve ever had one or two bars of signal on your phone, but can’t connect enough to make calls or browse the web, you’re likely too far from the nearest tower. Your mobile device doesn’t have the power to push the signal back to the cell tower and you won’t get the connection you need without a signal booster.

4. Weather

Even current atmospheric conditions can affect the strength of your cell phone signal. Water particles on a foggy day or dust particles in the air can weaken and diffuse the radio frequency signals and disrupt your connection.

5. Vehicles

Yes, even your car can block your cell phone’s signal. When you are enclosed in your glass and metal vehicles, your connection drops significantly. Some research has found that your signal can drop by 30 percent!

6. Man-made structures

Man-made constructions are almost guaranteed to block cell tower signals. Large buildings, bridges, overpasses, and other large obstructions can block or distort signals, especially in an urban setting. When in your office or home, your cell phone signal will weaker than it would be outdoors.

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