Exploring Geotab GO: IOX Adaptors

by Jan 22, 2018Fleet Management, Telematics

The Geotab GO device has seemingly endless vehicle telematics capabilities. Along with tracking locations through GPS, monitoring driver behaviors, and tracking engine diagnostics, GO devices can also connect to partnering devices and add peripherals for additional data. To add these additional capabilities, Geotab uses connectors known as IOX Expanders.

To work, these IOX Expanders plug into the GO device and offer another connector for a variety of uses. By using the CAN networks that run on Geotab’s GO devices, IOXs allow for additional, peripheral telematics capabilities. If you need to use more than one partnering device with your GO device or use more than one connector, you can daisy-chain your IOX Expanders to add multiple capabilities.

Using the available Geotab IOX Expanders, you can grow your fleet’s telematics capabilities and add flexibility to your devices.

1. Connect to partnering devices

Several IOX Expanders are used to connect your GO device to other devices that can offer useful data or capabilities to your fleet vehicles. By connecting your GO device to the partnering device, you can learn more about your fleet and accomplish more with the devices you already use. Available IOX Expanders include:

  • IOX-COMSPREAD – Sends data from the Rexroth Compu-Spread CS-440 and CS-550 to MyGeotab.
  • IOX-DJ – Connects the GO device to the DICKEY-john Control Point control system for salting and sanding monitoring on snow equipment vehicles.
  • IOX-GARMIN – Connects GO devices to GARMIN devices to provide better in-vehicle, driver-dispatcher communication for customers who specifically use dispatchers to communicate with their drivers. Available models: IOX-GARMINWTEUIOX-GARMINWT, and IOX-GARMINNT.
  • IOX-RS232F/IOX- RS232M – Allows external devices, such as gas detection monitors, weighing scales, or pressure monitors, to send data through the GO device to MyGeotab.
  • IOX-SATIRDv2 – This IRIDIUM Satellite modem allows the GO device to communicate over the satellite network when cellular service is unavailable.

2. Expand vehicle and telematics capabilities

Geotab has developed several IOX Expanders that offer additional capabilities to your vehicles and telematics without connecting to outside devices. These peripherals can improve your driver training, vehicle safety, and overall operations. Available IOX Expanders include:

  • IOX-ALERT  – Allows driver to alert dispatchers to distress or emergency situations through the press of an alert button.
  • IOX-ANALOG – Enables the GO device to support different sensors throughout the vehicle by reading analog signals from the vehicle and their connected accessories.
  • IOX­-AUXM – Connects the GO device to auxiliary sensors within the vehicle, allowing fleet managers, supervisors and dispatchers to monitor the external components.
  • IOX-BT – Allows fleets to track assets, such as inventory, tools, containers, and equipment, through the GO7 device using Bluetooth low-energy and select sensor-enabled beacons.
  • IOX-Buzz – This external buzzer improves driver safety by making in-vehicle feedback louder and more audible in noisy environments.
  • IOX-CAN – Integrates third-party data with the MyGeotab software, allowing fleets to gather supplementary fleet data and consolidate it in one place.
  • IOX-GO TALK – Provides real-time, spoken feedback to drivers who operate outside of pre-defined rules.
  • IOX-OUTPUT – Controls a relay from the vehicle in real-time through the GO7 device.
  • IOX-NFCREADER – Integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) with the GO device to offer driver-based vehicle monitoring.
  • IOX-USB – Offers an auxiliary USB power adapter for charging and powering USB devices.

Explore our selection of Geotab IOX-Expanders to find the best fit and greatest benefit to your fleet.

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