Enforcing Safety with Police Fleet Installs

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Protecting cities and the people within them is a big job. To coordinate the vast efforts of law enforcement agencies each day, our police rely on constant communication.

As professional fleet installers, we support our country’s finest by implementing the solutions they need to operate effectively and safely. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the tools officers use within their vehicles. Discover how these resources enable better police work and protection for everyone involved in escalated situations.

Police fleet installations: Communication platforms

1. Mobile wifi-enabled routers

Police officers are often on-the-go. Installing a mobile wifi-enabled router into the squad car ensures quick, immediate mobile connections at all times. These tools connect the department’s vehicles, devices, dispatchers, and stations. In the event of emergencies that clog communication, the router uses multiple network connections to keep officers in-contact with the rest of their teams.

2. Front and rear cameras

Police work is filled with the unexpected. Front and rear in-vehicle cameras record everything that happens in the vehicle, protecting citizens and officers with irrefutable evidence. These cameras often follow triggers, such as activating the lights and siren, to automatically record important events. We also route the camera to the vehicle’s battery to guarantee constant, reliable use.

3. Body camera integrations

Body cameras add another vital component to your vehicle camera systems. The in-vehicle camera triggers also work with your body cameras. As soon as a situation requires action, the body cams begin recording. This integrated system prevents problems with forgetfulness and unawareness, automatically capturing everything that happens.

4. Siren/light/brakes/gunlock integration

Along with trigger integrations, many police departments benefit from anti-theft capabilities in their vehicles. One integration allows officers to securely protect the vehicle from theft while leaving it idling during stops. With this option, officers can even remove the key without turning the vehicle off. In this mode, all functions, including opening the gunlock and trunk, are suspended. Without the key, the vehicle is also unable to shift into drive.

At Team TSI, we offer all of these critical installations and more. If you want more information about police fleet installs and our services, give us a call at 866-2WIRE-IT or fill out the form below.


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