ELD Mandate: What Do I Do If My Device Malfunctions?

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Fleet compliance has many facets. As you work to keep your fleet up to code, much of your compliance relies on the tools you use to achieve it. To comply with the ELD Mandate, for example, your devices should function properly at all times.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Electronic logging devices, like all technology, occasionally have problems that disrupt your driving records. When this happens, your drivers need to follow the proper procedures to keep your fleet compliant.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps you should take if your ELD malfunctions.

What should I do when my ELD malfunctions?

1. Tell your provider

The first thing you should do is contact your ELD provider and tell them about the issue. If you’re lucky, it might be a simple and easily fixable problem. In this case, your provider can help you restore functionality before the issue affects your work. Even if it’s more complicated to fix, their guidance will help you solve the problem faster than you could on your own.

2. Give written notice

Drivers need to give written notice of the problem as soon as they recognize it. The motor carrier must receive this notice within 24 hours of the malfunction’s occurrence.

3. Reconstruct logs from the past seven days

The ELD Mandate requires drivers to keep eight days worth of blank paper logs on hand for similar circumstances. After a malfunction, they will need to reconstruct the past 24 hours, plus previous seven days, of records of duty status. If you can retrieve these records from the ELD or drivers have kept separate compliant records, use these. If not, drivers will need to estimate them on their blank logs.

4. Maintain manual RODs until the malfunction is resolved

Fleets are allowed to maintain manual records for the next seven days after a malfunction. You can use graph-grid paper logs or electronic logging apps. For more than eight days of manual records, you will need to request an extension by the fifth day after the initial problem. This form details the work you’re doing to repair the device, helping you avoid ELD violations.

The best way to avoid ELD malfunctions is to choose a reliable provider. Our Geotab products meet high industry standards to ensure you can rely on your devices and provider for full compliance. Explore our ELD solution to enjoy compliance confidence today.

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