ELD Mandate: Unexpected Benefits

by Apr 2, 2018Electronic Logging, Fleet Management

It’s April 2, 2018, which means full ELD Mandate enforcement is now in effect. Unless you’re in a minority that has been granted exemptions, your fleet is expected to be fully compliant moving forward. Though fleets with Automated On Board Recording Devices (AOBRDs) have over a year to implement their electronic logging devices, the use of electronic records and logging has become the new norm for the fleet industry. Whether you welcomed or fought the change, ELDs have now become an important part of fleet operation. Their use for HoS record keeping and protecting your fleet from penalties is well known, but ELDs also offer several benefits that go beyond compliance, especially if you’ve never used telematics for your fleet. To see how you can get the most out of your ELDs, read through our list of unexpected benefits below.

1. Safety

As a fleet owner or manager, safety is always at the top of your priorities. By carefully monitoring and limiting your hours of service, your ELDs already help protect your drivers from accidents and issues caused by drowsy and overworked drivers. With the additional telematics capabilities offered by many ELDs, you can also track driver behaviors and engine diagnostics. Armed with this information, you can use driver training and preventative maintenance to keep your drivers safe on the road.

2. Information

Your ELDs gather information from the minute your vehicles are turned on. With this information about hours of service, driver behavior, location, and maintenance, you can improve the way your fleet operates. By analyzing your data to learn what is and isn’t working for your fleet, you can improve your scheduling and training, while also proactively preparing for future improvements.

3. Convenience

Paper logs, though preferable to some, were hard to keep track of and often inefficient. With electronic logging devices, your drivers will have less to keep track and an easier time on the road. Without the stress of paper logs, roadside inspections are quicker and easier. Drivers can also receive their assignments through their ELDs, improving your dispatching processes and keeping your entire team on the same page. With digital DVIRs and optimized routing, your drivers will have less to worry about and you will be able to better manage your fleet. What unexpected benefits have you found in your ELDs? Tell us in the comments!

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