Driver Safety: 4 Holiday Driving Dangers to Watch Out For

by Nov 23, 2020Fleet Safety0 comments

The most wonderful time of the year is also one of the worst times to be on the road. Though the numbers vary every year, holidays typically have more crashes than other days. As the holidays approach, staying aware of these dangers can help you protect your drivers from crashes, injuries, and death.

What are the dangers of driving during the holidays?

1. Increased congestion

Many people travel to see family and friends during the holidays, leading to more cars on the road. Though there may be lower levels of travel due to the pandemic, you can still expect congestion to increase. More cars mean more potential for accidents, so remind your drivers to stay aware and alert. 

2. Impaired driving

Even in the worst of years, the holidays are something to celebrate. Unfortunately, many celebrations include alcohol, drugs, or both. Over the next few weeks, the number of impaired drivers will increase. This may even include your own drivers. Remind them of the dangers of impaired driving. Review safe driving habits to help them recognize and avoid impaired drivers around them.

3. Dangerous driving

Since we’re also at the end of the year, many people are under increased pressure at work and home. Whether they’re trying to make a deadline or dealing with personal problems, you can often see this pressure in their driving. Encourage drivers to watch for fast and erratic driving, such as weaving in and out of traffic. You should also check with your own employees to monitor their stress levels. If anyone is feeling the pressure or showing poor driving behaviors, do what you can to ease this stress and improve their safety.

4. Drowsy driving

End-of-the-year stress can also affect time management. If drivers feel like they’re falling behind schedule, they may sacrifice sleep to reach deadlines. Holiday celebrations can also cause issues. Drivers who were up late or are hungover won’t be as alert as they should be. Emphasize the dangers of driving and the importance of being mentally prepared to operate a vehicle. Returning home safe to loved ones is the highest priority, so make sure your drivers are doing all they can to stay safe.

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