Discovering Rental Car Telematics

by Sep 3, 2018Fleet Management, Telematics

As a rental car company, you constantly place your most valuable assets in the hands of strangers. For every new customer and rental, you run the risk of handing your keys to someone who will recklessly drive the vehicle, trash the interior, or create other costly expenses. Though you can’t totally control who drives your vehicles or what they do with them, you can use your resources to protect your assets while improving your customer service.

1. Track your vehicles

Without telematics, your ability to monitor and track your vehicles is severely limited. By installing GPS devices in each vehicle, you can find any of them in an instant, significantly reducing the chances of theft. Some telematics devices even allow you to set a perimeter for vehicle use, keeping your fleet within easy reach. By setting alerts to notify you when vehicles travel outside of your set area, you can increase your control and improve fleet management.

2. Improve customer service

When dealing with vehicles, problems are inevitable. With telematics, you can offer your customers instant contact and assistance in an emergency situation. In the event of an accident, you can use the information gathered by your devices to instantly find their location. Once the immediate problems are addressed, you can use the data collected during the accident to determine its cause and the most effective way to deal with the outcome. Or, if one of your vehicles breaks down, your telematics devices can immediately alert you of the issue and allow you to get your customers the assistance they need. The better you can take care of your customers, the more likely they are to offer return business and referrals.

3. Optimize your fleet

Depending on the option you choose, you can also use your telematics to monitor vehicle diagnostics. This comprehensive view of your vehicle health allows you to address issues before they threaten your customers’ experience or create additional, more expensive problems. With such a close eye on your vehicles, you can protect your investments and proactively maintain a healthy fleet, adding years of use to your vehicles and reducing your fleet costs.

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