Discovering Driver Coaching Through Telematics

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Fleet telematics solutions offer a wide range of helpful tools designed to improve safety, costs, and efficiency. Driver coaching is one of these resources. Through a blend of audio, video, and driver tracking, this tool allows managers to address problematic driving in real-time. 

No matter the skill level of your drivers, everyone has bad habits that may cause problems for your business and team. Implementing a driver coaching solution into your fleet allows you to both address these issues and prevent any others that may arise.

In this blog, we’ve included some of the top benefits of a driver coaching solution for both you and your drivers. 

1. Reduce speeding

In 2017, speeding contributed to 26% of driving fatalities. And, due to the emptier streets over the past few months, this problem has only gotten worse. With a driver coaching tool, you can set your telematics devices to alert you when a driver is speeding. Your device can also make an audible alert to tell the driver to slow down. This helps prevent speeding caused by distractions and improves driver awareness. You can also stay on top of the issue, acting quickly whenever speeding occurs.

2. Increase fuel efficiency

According to common belief, drivers can cause up to a 35% variance in a fleet’s fuel economy. Driver coaching allows you to consistently identify and address the behaviors that can needlessly increase fuel spend. Real-time guidance on the use of cruise control and shifting manual transmissions, for example, can have incredible results. As drivers form new habits and recognize wasteful actions, your savings will improve.

3. Improve safety

In-cab driver coaching allows you to catch the small actions that can have deadly consequences. Remind drivers to wear their seat belts and keep their cell phones out of reach. Alert drivers to harsh braking, taking corners too fast, and tailgating. Keep your drivers accountable to their own safety, ensuring successful trips and avoiding accidents.

4. Maintain vehicle health

Many bad driving habits increase your vehicles’ wear and tear. When using a driver coaching solution, you can also optimize vehicle performance. Reduce harsh braking to protect your brakes. Monitor speeds to optimize long-term engine performance. Safer driving can limit the potential for accidents as well, preventing expensive damages and repairs.

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