Creating a Driver Safety Program

by Aug 21, 2017Fleet Management, Fleet Safety

Driving is dangerous. With nearly 300 million cars on the road in U.S., your fleet drivers are constantly at risk of crashing. Safety regulations and measures have come a long way, but injuries and death are still a common result of vehicular accidents.

As a fleet owner/operator, you have a responsibility to make your workplace as safe as you can for your employees, including drivers on the road. While you can’t influence the training and actions taken by other drivers, you can do your part to prepare your employees for driving dangers.

Today, many telematics devices offer features that can help you improve your fleet safety, but technology doesn’t make up for a lack of safe driving. Instead, consider implementing a driver safety program that combines your telematics with safe driver training. To see how you can increase your drivers’ safety, use these tips to create your own driver safety program.

1. Focus on driver performance

When your drivers are on the road, the only control they have is over their own actions. To make sure they performing and reacting in the safest manner, focus on how they drive. Train your new drivers on safe practices and your company’s safety policy. Use your telematics devices to offer real-time feedback for the way they drive. Track your fleet’s performance and use the data you collect to guide your driver training.

2. Stay committed

As with any program, it’s easy to let your dedication slide as time goes on. The best safety program is one that is active and in line with new safety developments and regulations. Offer training sessions for your entire fleet once a year to make sure everyone knows and follows your policies. Evaluate driving stats to see where your program is lacking and adjust your program accordingly.

3. Don’t limit your program to driving

While driving is most important part of keeping your drivers safe on the road, it’s not the only concern. When designing your program, be sure to include policies about vehicle maintenance and accident management. Keeping your vehicles in top condition can prevent maintenance-caused crashes. Staying on top of crashes can perfect your accident management and show your drivers that you care about their well-being.

Do you have a driver safety program in your fleet? How has it improved your fleet’s safety?

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