Carsharing Telematics: Connecting Shared Vehicles

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Carsharing is everywhere. Businesses offer shared vehicles for employee use and ridesharing options are quickly replacing traditional taxi services. Though carsharing isn’t new, vehicle costs and traffic levels have significantly increased over recent years. This has led more drivers to search for new alternatives to driving their own vehicles. 

As carsharing has grown in popularity, the need for vehicle data has also increased. The businesses that own the vehicles need a reliable way to track their vehicles and costs for efficient use. With a telematics solution, owners of shared vehicles can offer a carsharing program that benefits both the business and its drivers.

How Can Telematics Benefit Carsharing Programs?

1. Improve vehicle tracking

When numerous people use the same vehicle, a dependable GPS tracking solution is necessary for a successful carsharing program. By installing GPS devices into the shared vehicles, businesses can instantly locate every vehicle at all times. This is a significant security benefit, but it can also help streamline daily use. With a comprehensive look at your vehicles’ locations, you can easily connect drivers to the nearest available vehicle, no matter where they happen to be. When you’re in a hurry, this convenience can save both time and money for you and your drivers.

2. Connect every vehicle

In our digital world, telematics allows you to improve numerous functions in your shared vehicles. If you run a rental car company, for example, you can connect each vehicle to your mobile app for increased convenience for customers. With the ability to adjust their rental period or choose their preferred vehicle on a mobile device, customers will be more satisfied with their experience. Additional telematics options, such as accident alerts, location perimeters, and maintenance reminders, can further improve your use and overall driver comfort.

3. Maintain cost optimization

Owning a fleet of vehicles is expensive, so telematics solutions are a necessary tool for cost optimization. Driver coaching and monitoring can help you avoid the costs of accidents and insurance increases. These tools, plus location monitoring features, can also help protect drivers. By using your telematics to monitor engine diagnostics and maintenance needs, you can optimize fuel use, tire life, and overall vehicle health. You’ll be able to get the most out of every shared vehicle, making every mile count.

How has telematics improved your carsharing program?

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