Business Vehicle Backup Camera Systems: Tremendous Assets

by Feb 19, 2016Fleet Safety0 comments

Having backup camera systems installed in your business vehicles is a tremendous asset for both resale value of your vehicles as well as for the safety of your drivers and pedestrians. The statistics are astounding, an estimated 18,000 people are injured and hundreds killed each year in back-over accidents. And it is usually children or the elderly who are involved in these types of accidents. 

On average, backup cameras can reduce a vehicle’s blind zones by as much as 90 percent and the efficiency of these devices can show objects as little as 30 inches tall. Here are a few other statistics.

One study conducted showed that well over half of drivers with backup camera systems installed in their vehicles avoided backing into small stationary objects that had been placed behind them when they weren’t looking. By contrast, 100 percent of drivers who were operating vehicles without backup cameras ran over these small objects placed in their way. It is estimated that by the year 2054, when nearly all vehicles sold will have these type of systems standard, several hundred injuries will be avoided each year and property and vehicle damages will decrease dramatically. 

Replacing your fleet with vehicles that already have backup cameras installed is both extremely expensive and totally unnecessary. There are plenty of quality aftermarket backup camera systems on the market for great prices. If you are interested in having backup cameras installed on your fleet, simply visit our vehicle installation services page or give us a call at 866-2WIRE-IT.

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