Boosting Your Cell Signal On the Road

by Aug 22, 2016Fleet Management0 comments

Finding and keeping a cell phone signal while driving across the country is not an easy task, as many company and truck drivers know. Though that may not be a problem for most drivers, fleet drivers need to stay in near-constant contact with their dispatchers for updates and emergency situations.

Most North American roads have steady coverage, but some areas lack signal strength because of fewer cell towers, signal-blocking obstacles, bad weather, and other issues. If you are need of a stronger cell phone signal while on the road, use these five tips to boost the signal you can find.

1. Try further down the road

This simple and common-sense tactic may seem obvious, but it is the easiest way to find a better signal. Try waiting until you are closer to a city, out of bad weather, or past the mountains. As you move, your phone will be connecting to different towers, which should help you find a stronger signal as you travel. If you often travel the same routes, try to remember where your signal tends to drop. This will help you plan your communication for future trips.

2. Get higher

We’ve all seen comedies with characters climbing cliffs or getting on top of their vehicles to find a cell phone signal. In fact, you’ve probably tried waving your phone in the air once or twice to send a message or email. Moving to a higher spot can help you avoid the obstacles that may have been blocking your signal at a lower elevation. Wait until you are out of the valley or up on a hill to try to find your signal again.

3. Pull over

When you’re moving, your phone has to adjust to your new location. Finding a place to stop can help your phone and network get a stronger signal and connection. Stopping can be a hassle, so try the first two tips before pulling off the road.

4. Get out

If you’ve stopped the vehicle and still can’t find a signal, try stepping out of the cab. Sometimes your vehicle can block your signal enough to prevent a connection. Step out of the cab and stretch your legs as you try to connect. Just be sure to pick a safe place to stop when you do.

5. Get a cell phone signal booster

If none of the previous tips work or you want to keep a reliable signal while you travel, your best option is a mobile cell phone signal booster. These devices are designed to give your phone a strong signal, no matter your location. For the best results, look for the booster that best fits your needs and lifestyle.

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