Using Fleet Telematics to Improve Workplace Satisfaction

  Your drivers play an invaluable part of your fleet. As they move throughout your local area or across the country, they represent your company to your clients, potential customers, and all other drivers on the road. They are also the people responsible for...

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Carsharing Telematics: Connecting Shared Vehicles

  Carsharing is everywhere. Businesses offer shared vehicles for employee use and ridesharing options are quickly replacing traditional taxi services. Though carsharing isn’t new, vehicle costs and traffic levels have significantly increased over recent years....

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Achieving ELD Compliance Before the AOBRD Deadline

  Tomorrow is the first day of October, meaning fleets have just over two months to make the final switch from AOBRDs to ELDs before they risk earning citations and fines. Though the FMCSA announced the December 16, 2019 deadline back in 2015, many fleets have...

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How to Retain Fleet Vehicle Resale Value

  Vehicle resale is an important part of fleet management. No matter how vehicles are used, maintenance will eventually outweigh the costs of replacement. When this happens, the vehicle’s value will reflect the attention and care given to its use — something many...

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How to Prepare Your Fleet for Severe Weather

  When severe weather threatens, it’s important to have a plan to keep your employees and vehicles safe. Whether you’re facing a blizzard, hurricane, or earthquake, your preparedness can make all the difference. Your needs may vary depending on the size and...

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Understanding Proposed Hours of Service Changes

  For several months, the fleet industry has waited to hear the proposed Hours of Service (HoS) rule changes. Though the official announcement was delayed several times, the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced the changes on Wednesday, August 14. We’ve...

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4 Ways You Can Save on Fleet Management

  Fleets are expensive. From the day-to-day expenses involved with maintaining your vehicles to the unexpected costs that you inevitably experience, maintaining your budget can seem impossible. As a fleet manager, you’re ultimately responsible for your fleet’s...

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What Does the 3G Network Sunset Mean for My Fleet?

  If your fleet uses any 3G telematics devices, the upcoming sunsetting of the 3G network could be devastating. Though this is a major event, a lack of coverage may have left you in the dark about this fast-approaching development. If you’re unclear about the...

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Why Your Buses Need Telematics

  The best way to keep customers happy is to offer dependable service. For your bus transportation service, this means keeping your buses on time and running exactly as scheduled. To meet this goal, you’re responsible for the maintenance, routing, and safety of...

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