Benefits of Monitoring Driver Behavior

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When you hire drivers, you expect them to be a positive representation for your company. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Before telematics, most companies learned of bad driving behavior when their drivers got into accidents or a bystander called to report dangerous driving from fleet vehicles on the road. This was damaging to the company’s reputation and created unnecessary expenses.

Thankfully, we now have telematics devices that track and record driving behavior in real time. To see how these devices can save you time, money, and embarrassment, read through our list below.

1. Reduce accidents

Driving is dangerous and poor driving habits only make it more so. With the data collected by your telematics devices, you can carefully monitor each of your drivers and pinpoint any weak spots. If your drivers have issues with harsh braking or speeding, you can implement training sessions to improve driving behaviors. Plus, drivers who know they’re being monitored tend to drive better than those who aren’t.

2. Reduce fuel costs

Idling, unnecessarily long routes, and speeding can increase the amount of fuel required for your fleet vehicles. With telematics, you can monitor fuel-wasting behaviors and implement new strategies to save on fuel costs. Help your drivers understand how these simple changes can make big savings over time and watch as their driving improves.

3. Reduce vehicle damages and wear

Harsh braking, sudden acceleration, and accident-related damages can cause unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles. More damages means more repairs, which leads to a need to replace vehicles sooner than expected. Telematics devices can help you identify the drivers who cause the most wear to your vehicles and you can use this data to correct their driving issues.

4. Track and review driver performance

The best way to improve driving behavior is to track performance and address any issues you find. Driver performance programs can give drivers incentives to improve their performance and pay better attention to their driving habits. You can use the information you gather to decide which employees get promotions and raises, as well as what works for your driving program and what doesn’t.

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